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Armyca-Ico British Royal Marine Commando needs your help

November 07, 2017, 06:38:12 by RM
Dear All,

I'm visiting your fabulous country shortly (17 NOV) and visiting my close friend Robert Goddard who up until 2013 served with the 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Unfortunately, he had to retire early due to being diagnosed with MS. Rob and his family currently reside in Petawawa.   I'm trying to arrange a couple of hours shooting or something that would put a smile back on his face. I quite like the idea of being chased on his mobility scooter by the MP's. Which is what happened to us back in Germany when we use to let off firecrackers over the festive period....many years ago lol

Can anyone help or know of someone who can?

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xx Hunting

August 28, 2017, 07:38:33 by Somethinginteresting
For armored nvm/officers and infantry ncm/officers, is hunting encouraged if living on base?  Do you still need to get deer tags or is it open season haha   ^-^
I know this may be a silly question but I am just trying to see what the attitude is like about this on bases.
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xx 2 RCR/Gagetown life

March 31, 2017, 01:15:17 by Nate7475
I just accepted a CT to 2 RCR from Pres and have never worked with 2RCR/been to gagetown. I have been on a few Reg force exercises with 1 RCR and have a basic understanding of the life/culture there such as stay away from Dukes coy like the plague. What can I look forward to and what can I dread about my new life in 2 RCR? How does living in Gagetown compare to other bases?

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xx D&S

February 28, 2017, 15:31:34 by Prelude
Hey not sure if this is the best forum for the question but anyway, just wondering what D&S or camp security entails overseas. Thanks in advance
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Armyca-Ico Advice needed regarding Vehicle Tech (Reserved) vs Medical Assistant (Reserved

February 20, 2017, 01:54:17 by kod006
Good day, everyone,

I am trying to make decision and decide whether I want to be a Vehicle Tech or Medical Assistant in Reserved. By the way, I have a V4 vision. Can any experienced members give me advice about that?

1. As a reserve which of these two occupations will give me opportunity to travel (either within Canada or other countries) and explore?

2. As a reserve, which of these two occupations will give me opportunity to work on combat skills or roll out with combat units on the field?


3. If I ever decide to leave the Force one day and want to travel and work aboard, which of these two occupations will help me as a skilled worker?

Thank You!

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xx Access paystatements

November 29, 2016, 20:52:07 by Carntsen
Hello all.
I have been in the reserves for just over a year. I am trying to find out how to access my pay stub information. I have been told there is a website I need to access.  I also heard it can be emailed.

Can any give me any further info of how to get this information.

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